Department of Business Management

The Department of Business Management of the Universitat Rovira i Virgili was created in the year 2000 out of the original Department of Business Management and Economics, which up to that point had been home to all staff teaching in the ambits of Economics and Business at the University. The significant growth in student numbers and the corresponding increase in the number of teachers and their academic obligations led to this decision.

Since its creation, the Department of Business Management has been headed by professors Ignasi Brunet Icart (2000-2003), Antonio Terceño Gómez (2003-2006), Mireia Valverde (2006-2009), Maria Victòria Sánchez Rebull (2009-2017), Ana Beatriz Hernández Lara (2017-2020) and Xavier Càmara Turull (2020 - present).

Currently, the Department consists of the knowledge areas and teaching units of Marketing and Market Research, Financial Economics and Accounting (Accounting, Finance and Business and Financial Mathematics), Business Organisation and Sociology. It has 114 professors, 58 of whom work full time.

In administrative terms, the Department also has a Departmental Council and a Permanent Committee. The latter consists of the head of department, the secretary, the coordinators of the teaching units, one student and one member of the administrative and services staff. The Departmental Council can also appoint a further two members if this is suggested by the management.

The principal objective of the Department of Business Management is to offer high level university training at bachelor’s and master’s level through the teaching and research quality of its teaching staff.

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